Our Services

In order to fulfill the needs of our customers, it is exceedingly important for us to maintain and grow very close relationships with our vendors. We work very closely with each of our customers to provide them correct and timely service. In addition, our hands on approach allows for us to truly understand the exact needs of each order.

Fingerprints and G7

g7We provide a G7 master certified consultant. G7 breaks from the tradition of using densitometer readings (solid ink density, trap, and dot gain) as the primary means of controlling color, and instead uses colorimetric data to achieve gray balances in the mid-tones. This more “direct” way of monitoring color balance also correlates well with a visual assessment of color balance.

Color Matching & Proofing

OVI utilizes the most up to date computer color matching software and hardware which is also enhanced by experienced, skilled technicians. We can match any swatch or object you provide. The technology we have within the lab allows us to be the most dependable, consistent, accurate manufacturer in the area.

Rush Service

We understand what it means to meet deadlines. We will personally drive orders to customers whenever possible. In addition, we have special relationships with couriers to help facilitate those shipments that include distance and/or skid sized orders.

Our Products